Our project- The NIHR Global Health Research Group on Improving stroke care in India

Our four-year project began in August 2017.

Our ambition is to improve stroke care in India.

We are:

  • Developing a partnership of clinicians, academics, patients and the public in India to develop
    research capacity to support innovation in healthcare in order to improve the management
    of stroke
  • Developing effective ways of working together to prioritise, develop, deliver and implement
  • Engaging with key stakeholders in healthcare in India to ensure that our research is relevant, important, accessible and practically focused
  • Conducting co-designed studies of stroke care initiated in acute hospital settings.
  • Building sustainability for health research by supporting people and organisations to develop
    research, by building systems to facilitate research, and by capturing funding to support
    work to continue beyond the end of the project
  • Identifying key transferable knowledge for potential implementation in other settings and
    relevant health conditions.

There are 3 key stages:

  1. Agreeing research priorities
  2. Developing and delivering robust feasibility studies on priorities at three clinical stroke centres in India.
  3. Building a sustainable partnership for stroke research and service development

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